Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai took a very important step to undo the regulatory damage left behind by President Obama and former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. The Title II rules implemented by Obama and Wheeler gave control of the Internet to unaccountable government bureaucrats, and threatened to increase taxes and slow investment and growth in this important industry.

We encourage taxpayers to submit a comment TODAY, and tell Chaiman Pai that you support a free and open Internet.

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Support Keeping the Internet Open

As a concerned taxpayer and consumer, I am writing to urge the FCC to set the internet free and remove the inappropriate, unnecessary and overly vast regulations currently holding back the full potential of the internet. Due to the grip of the utility-style regulations imposed under the previous Commission, taxpayers have been put at risk, the threat of new fees on consumer bills still looms large, investment in internet infrastructure has not realized its full potential, innovations have gone undeveloped and unrealized, and twenty years of the appropriate level of oversight of the internet has been reversed.

We must dial-back the poorly conceived application of Title II in the Open Internet Order so that American taxpayers can benefit from an unrestrained and truly open internet that scales back the unlimited power of the government, protects consumers from new taxes and encourages future investment and endless innovations.